Tuesday, July 11, 2006

For the last week or so, I have been listening to a 12 minute Thai Buddhist discourse called "Living With the Cobra". It's somewhat beyond an i+1 level for me, but not by much. It's short, I have a transcript, and there are many repeated words, so with a little help from my wife, I can make sense out of it. People tell me that discourses on Buddhism are usually difficult because of specialized words and language. This particular one does have some specialized language, but it seems more accessible, perhaps because it's addressed to a westerner.

I could listen to this audio for hours and hours without losing interest. In college, I listened to a tape of the philosopher J. Krishnamurti over and over. It was all-absorbing because the subject was so interesting and he is so eloquent. By listening repeatedly with interest, I automatically reached a point where I had large parts of the tape memorized, including Krishnamurti's intonation, rhythm, and even pronunciation. This Thai mp3 is on a similar subject, and the speaker is similarly engaging. I can imagine myself assimilating this mp3 in the same way over time.

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