Saturday, January 20, 2007

Is This Heaven? No, It's the Internet

Here are my top nine* reasons the internet rocks as a tool for the study of a second language.

9. Online lessons.

8. Availability of research, theory, and personal accounts about what approaches work best.

7. Online shopping, through which it's possible to acquire media, books, and other items to facilitate study.

6. Support, motivation, and other help from online language forums.

5. Ditto for the blogosphere.

4. Tools like and Audacity.

3. Online dictionaries.

2. Skype-based language exchanges.

1. Availability of streaming media, mp3s, and text.

*Listing the top 10 reasons would have been more conventional, but I think I have 9 good ones here.


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Anonymous said...

Scott, I can't agree more with you on that. Many of the great tools available on the internet are also free, to the benefit of learners.


Scott Imig said...

Hi, Danielle! It's such an amazing resource.