Saturday, June 03, 2006

I have another movie review, this time for Ong Bak, Thai Warrior. It's a great film for muay thai boxing and stunt work, but a bad movie for learning Thai, at least at my level. The dialogue is composed mainly of the Isan dialect and central slang. It is also somewhat sparse, as a lot of time is taken up by boxing and stunts.

I did get a better sense of some words in informal Thai, like the particle "wa" and the word "dtang" for money, and it was interesting to hear Isan. I also really enjoyed the muay thai, the elaborate stunt work, and the action scenes in Bangkok. But I don't think seeing this movie again soon would help me much with Thai language skill.

***** for muay thai
***** for stunts
** for value as a language acquisition tool

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