Thursday, June 01, 2006

Last night I watched 6ixtynin9, a Thai movie that I rented from Netflix. It was great. The reviews pointed out that it's heavily influenced by Quentin Tarantino. I agree that some aspects show his influence, such as characteristic framing and liberal doses of tongue-in-cheek violence. I also wonder about the influence of David Lynch. There are some quirky scenes that remind me more of Lynch than Tarantino, such as one in which a mobster starts to cry about missing his mother. I thought Lalita Panyopas' portrayal of the main character was very good. I had only seen her in a campy police drama made for television, so I was surprised to see how well she can act.

The story is easy to follow without using subtitles. I would say that I understood 30-40% of the spoken dialogue, and 90-100% of the story. As AJ Hoge nicely puts it in his AUA observations, it was easy to "forget" that I was watching a movie in Thai. I'll probably watch this at least once again before sending it back. It is a nice change from watching "Finding Nemo" dubbed into Thai for the nth time.

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