Saturday, December 30, 2006

Mog Software TV and Radio

A couple of weeks ago, Kikiat suggested a great web resource in a comment.

With a broadband connection, you can stream Thai TV or radio from the Mog Software site for free. If you're using Internet Explorer, navigate to one of these links:

Then click on one of the Windows Media Player icons.

Windows Media Icon

This allows you to stream the television or radio station right on the page.

There are also links for Firefox and Opera users, and a few of the channels and stations open an external Real Player. Among the configurations I tried, my experience was the best in Internet Explorer with the embedded Windows Media Player.

Remember to click on a Windows Media Player icon. If, instead, you click on the name of a channel or station, you are redirected to that station's website, after which you get a lot of unexpected practice reading Thai script.


MOG Software - Thai TV said...

Thank you for this article Scott ;-)

Scott Imig said...

Thank you for maintaining this resource and letting us know that it's there!