Sunday, March 25, 2007

Thai Word of the Week: Consider

My Thai word for this week is พิจารณา, meaning "to consider". entry for พิจารณา
VOA sound clip of a sentence using พิจารณา
Transcript of VOA clip
Original complete story on VOA, with transcript and MP3

Note that the transcript can easily be copy-pasted to, obtaining a word-by-word translation.

Other interesting words in this clip are:
ตัดสิน, meaning "to decide"
เท่าใด, meaning "however much"

Corrections and clarifications are always appreciated.


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Edwin said...

Scott, how is it going?

I stumbled upon this guy, Stuart Jay Raj. Have you heard of him? He speaks very good Thai as well as many other languages.

In one of his YouTube clips, he talked about how to memorize the phonetics of the Thai alphabets.

Scott Imig said...

Thanks, Edwin.

I found a video on YouTube of him translating Thai into other languages. It's pretty impressive!

A while back I happened across his blog. He had some information on learning Thai, but it was oriented toward people who can read and speak Indic languages, so it didn't help me much. I'll look for more of his YouTube videos.