Sunday, February 18, 2007

Thai Word Of the Week: Oppose

My Thai word for this week is ทัดทาน, meaning "to prohibit", or "to oppose".

VOA sound clip of a sentence using ทัดทาน
Transcript of VOA clip
The original story on VOA, with transcript and mp3

The sound clip discusses the possibility that the U.S. congress may cut off military funding in opposition to President Bush's "troop surge" proposal in Iraq.

Other interesting words in this clip are:
เชื่อ, meaning "to believe in"
เพิ่ม, meaning "to increase"
การระงับ, meaning "suppression" or "discontinuance"

Note that the transcript can easily be copy-pasted to, obtaining a word-by-word translation.

Corrections and clarifications are appreciated.


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